iOS8 on iPhone4s: First impression & Performance

In June Apple announced the new iOS8 update to iPhones, ipads and ipods. Now company rolled out new update to worldwide i devices. It’s officially support iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus models.  iPhone 4s is the oldest model that support new update. Now its time to take an initial look at iOS8 on iPhone4s.


As an iPhone 4s user I’m relay like the screen size of the model and performance wise also its is a good device. We can still find the spec on the official site. 🙂

Installing iOS8: I have installed several iOS major releases on my iPhone 4s since that model is release three years ago 🙂 . Typically installing process is still not improved  and it was a really headache for me when I install iOS8 because it took more than 3 hours to upgrade. See my screenshot. Its says 4 minutes remaining but its took long time. Finally I installed the new version. Actually look and feel is not changed much and it’s same as iOS7 . You can see the complete set of new features here.  Most people are complaining that new update requires 5GB space and they lost bunch of  images and songs. Luckily I have a 32GB version 🙂


Performance and Apps: 
After installing iOS8 sometimes applications behave badly in my iPhone 4s. Average times to open several apps are higher than when I use iOS7. specially Message, Safari, Settings, Calender.  Other than that all applications are working correctly. My other point is iOS8 is design for larger screens. When its come to iPhone 4s, screen size is not enough to get a better look and feel, because all new stuff is fitting more information on those larger screens,  whether we are talking about predictive typing , notification widgets or spotlight suggestions.
In the above screenshots I’ve used the Swiftkey third party keyboard. It is a really great keyboard for fast and easy typing. I have used that in a android device and I’m really impressed with its features. But when its come to iOS8, most of the time I was stuck with the keyboard and its getting long time to open the keyboard.  I hope apple will fix that issues soon.
There are more cool new features in iOS8 update. One of my favorite feature is Battery usage function which is allow you to monitor individual applications for battery drain. And also new iMessage features and Multitasking feature are really cool.
iOS8 is a big update and it comes with a lot of features. Although the iPhone 4s misses out some features like TouchID and Air drop, it can still run lot of features. Its up to you to decide whether you upgrade your old device or not. But I like to play around with new features, so I updated and I’m hoping apple will work on a new 8.0.1 or 8.1 update to improve performance on old devices.

Last week of Google Summer of Code 2012

This is my end of Google Summer of Code 2012. I spent 14 weeks for coding in the GSoC program. Last week was the final developing week in the program. There was only one remaining section for refactoring when start the last week which is table structure section. I started work on this section in week before last week. And I completed the section by implementing functions for this section, example functions,

  • PMA_getHtmlForMoreOptionInTableStructure()
  • PMA_getHtmlForActionRowlnStructureTable()
  • PMA_getHtmlForFulTextAction()
  • PMA_getHtmlForDistincValueAction()
  • PMA_getHtmlForActionsIntableStructure()
  • PMA_getHtmlForDisplayTableStats()
  • PMA_getHiddenTitlesArray()

After completing table structure section I moved to the bug fixing which are reported in mailing list regarding to latest refactorings (Structure section). After fixed those bugs I moved to old bugs in Sourceforge. But still I couldn’t complete all the bug fixing.

Today is the official dead line for coding and My plan is to work on these remaining bugs after official period of the GSoC. I think that is the goal of the Google Summer of Code program.  I have learnt lot of things by participating to this program. And this experience will help for my future career also.   My idea is  more contributing to Opensource  after the program, its not depend on whether I’ll pass or not in the final evaluation.


Thirteenth Week of GSoC

This is my end of 13th week of Google Summer of Code 2012. Last week I’ve started work on Structure section. There are two scripts to be done refactoring.  I started refactoring db_structure.php script and created a structure.lib.php in libraries/ directory for implement functions for this section. There was already a lib file for db structure which is called db_structure.lib.php and I removed that file and move all the functions to new lib file. And I did the refactoring for those functions also.

After refactoring the db_structure script I started working on tbl_structure section. But there are remaining bugs for db_structure.  tbl_strutcure script contains lot of duplicate HTML codes. I removed some duplicates and need to do more refactoring for this script. Following functions are example for refactoring of tbl_structure,

  • PMA_getHtmlDivsForStructureActionsDropdown()
  • PMA_getHtmlForRowStatstableRow()
  • getHtmlForRowStatsTable()
  • PMA_getHtmlForSpaceUsageTableRow()
  • PMA_getHtmlForOptimizeLink()
  • PMA_getHtmlForDisplayIndexes()
  • PMA_getHtmlForAddColumn()

Next week I complete the structure section. Then all the sections will complete according to my proposal. There are remaining bugs for these sections which are reported in Sourceforge. After completing structure section I’ll fix those bugs.